Our Favourite Autumn Canal Journeys

Autumn canal beauty spots - take a look at our guide to the UK canal networks for your Autumn 2022 adventures

Here at Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales, it’s fair to say that we all have our favourite canal beauty spots. Whether it’s stunning rolling valleys, remote locations or even bustling city centre canal spots, the UK has a little something for everyone this autumn, making a narrow boat or widebeam boat perfect for getting to know some of our favourite Autumn canal journeys for the coming months!

Before we explore the best Autumn and Winter canal journeys, don’t be worried about the cold weather. Ok, we can’t exactly expect sun every day, not in the UK at least, however the cold weather tends to mean quieter routes, which makes it easier to find a good place to moor and far easier to enjoy the scenes and sights. Just grab a coat and plenty of firewood!

Autumn canal journeys optim

The Best Autumn Canal Journeys

The Cheshire Ring is fantastic to explore in the autumn and winter months, from here you can navigate around one of the oldest canal rings in the country, taking in the scenes and sights of the industrial revolution. If you time your autumn trip right, you may even want to spend some time in Manchester to visit some of the incredible Christmas markets!

If you’re looking for a shorter trip out on your canal boat and only have a weekend to explore, the Mid-Worcestershire Ring is perfect for this. At just 21 miles for the entire route, it’s pretty easy to cover this over a weekend without the need to rush, giving you plenty of time to enjoy some incredible autumnal scenery.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, a much longer route that is perfect for avid narrowboat and widebeam boat owners, then the Thames Circle really is ideal for your autumn exploration. Explore the sights and surrounds of London, including many of London’s famous autumn festivals and events. You’ll need a full month to make it from A to B (or should we say A to A), but if you’ve got the time, the Thames Circle is a must-conquer route for the Autumn boater!

Take a look at our narrowboat and widebeam boat brokerage online for our latest boat listings and secure your new boat in time for the stunning autumn and winter months.

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